Burgess Owens Praises President Trump For What He’s Done For the Black Community

Watch as Burgess Owens praises President Trump for what he’s done for the black community in America:

Partial transcript:

OWENS: “And this is the whole thing. What is happening is President Trump is resonating throughout our country, particularly those, the heart and soul, those just out there working hard, those that are not so focused on personalities but trying to look at results.

And at the end of the day, our country is getting great results. As a black American, I’m excited about the results that President Trump has given to us. My whole team, very simply, any friend of the black community is a friend of mine.

The way our community is coming around right now with jobs and lowest poverty levels, highest employment, not only highest employment but also entrepreneurships, this is what we are after.

And at the end of the day, our country is going to come together and start to win and feel positive about our future.”


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